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*No Shipping this week!*

Winter Storm this week will prevent safe shipping 

Tentative shipping for all orders is now 2/9/22

We will communicate weekly if temperatures do not allow for safe shipping during winter months.

Shipping FAQ

Do you ship to me?

A: We currently ship to the 48 contiguous US States and Alaska (AK) only. Hopefully one day we'll go international! 

PayPal is reviewing my payment, will I still receive my order? 

A: Yes! Once you have a confirmation # from us, you've got a confirmed order. PayPal will workout any issues with you directly.

How much does shipping cost?

A: Shipping costs start between $10-14 for most zip codes. Orders containing numerous types of livestock should anticipate higher weight & cost for shipping. In cooler weather heat packs are added, which increases weight and cost. Our website automatically calculates shipping costs based upon what items are in your order.

I can't locate a confirmation email, what do I do?

A: Check your junk/spam folder; it's happening more and more often. Verify the correct email was used for your order. If you still have not found it, please email LRBaquatics.orders@gmail.com and Sara will resend it or update your email accordingly. 

When do you ship?

A: We finalize our shipping list at 5pm on Tuesday and begin bagging. We package and ship every Wednesday afternoon. If your order is confirmed by 5pm EST on Tuesday, it will go out that week. Shipping confirmations are sent Wednesday evening- (check your spam folder if you don't see it!)

When will I receive my order? 

A: Every shipment is sent via USPS 2-3 day Priority. Deliveries either happen on Friday or Saturday based on USPS' routes in your area. 

USPS says my shipment is delayed, will my fish/shrimp/plants be okay?

A: Shipping delays happen from time to time. We are confident in our stock's health and our shipping methods that a few extra days in the mail is no issue. We have had plenty survive delays of two weeks or more. The largest risk is the shipment being left in a mailbox upon delivery. You can sign up for notifications about your delivery via USPS.com

What do I do when my package arrives? 

A: You'll find a note inside with acclimation instructions. Essentially, acclimation is optional unless you feel a distinct temp difference in the bag. When your livestock has already had a long trip, it's more stressful the longer they're left outside of their final destination. Rest is best :) 

What if my order arrives DOA?

A: While DOA's have rarely happened for us in 8+ years of shipping, things happen sometimes. If the unfortunate occurs, please get good pictures of the deceased in the bag and email it to Sara at LRBaquatics.orders@gmail.com and she'll get you taken care of.

Should I medicate fish/shrimp/plants in QT? 

A: Not necessarily. Fish from us are going to be free of disease, therefore if they're quarantined alone, there should be no need. We receive fish from various breeders and will quarantine ours for around a month, only medicating if we see clear signs of disease or illness. 

When will XXXX be back in stock? 

A: We've been working hard to keep up with demand for years now. We appreciate the support! We home breed 99% of the fish and all of the shrimp on our site. Any other fish come from trusted, local breeders who lack the outlet to get their great stock to you all. Breeding takes time so it may be months for some fish or shrimp to come back once out of stock. Plants are many times just out of stock for a week or two. Please check back often! 

Do you guarantee mixed sexes?

A: Anything listed as a "pair" will be one male and one female. If sold per fish or shrimp, Lucas does his best to provide a proper mix to provide balance and success breeding. We cannot guarantee a specific number of males or females will be supplied nor that the pair you receive are proven. 

Questions about breeding or keeping particular fish or shrimp?

A: Visit Lucas' YouTube Channel page above. He hosts Live Stream Q&A sessions every Friday at 9:30pm EST to answer just those types of questions. Emailing him is also an option (see our Contact Info page) however, he doesn't often reply quickly.