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  • Benigo Pink Begonia Angel Wing Cane type

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    Benigo Pink aka Pink Polka Dot Begonia for sale. Beautiful, colorful begonia is sure to spruce up any space! Dark green foliage has metallic pink spots covering each leaf, creating an iridescent look. The stems and undersides of the leaves are dark pink. This is a great starter begonia if you’ve never kept them before! It’s resilient, forgiving, AND it literally tells you what it needs!

    Lighting: Medium to Bright Indirect light preferred. If it gets too much direct light, the leaves will scorch. If too little light, it will drop leaves. 

    Watering: Begonias like moist soil, but are still susceptible to root rot. I water once weekly, only if the soil is dry. The leaves will droop when it’s thirsty and bounce back quickly!

    Fertilizing: Apply a light dosage of all purpose plant food monthly to bi-monthly. 

    Soil: Appreciates well-draining, nutrient rich soil. Easy to propagate in either soil or water!