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  • Beefsteak Begonia

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    Beefsteak Begonia ‘Erythrophylla’ for sale! Rooted cuttings and potted starter plants available. This begonia is a rhizomatous-type that sports glossy, round green leaves with red undersides. It’s also referred to as the Pond Lily- see pictures to understand why! Mother plant pictured is a 7 generation plant!

    Lighting: Medium to Bright Indirect light preferred. Mine gets a bit of direct sun in the morning hours and seems to love it! If it gets too little light, the stems will be very long as the leaves are reaching for light. 

    Watering: Begonias like moist soil, but are still susceptible to root rot. I water once weekly, only if the soil is dry. Humidity stays around 50% here.

    Fertilizing: Apply a light dosage of all purpose plant food monthly to bi-monthly. 

    Soil: Appreciates well-draining, nutrient rich soil. Easy to propagate in either soil or water!