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  • 2x Purple Heart Wandering Jew Rooted Cutting

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    Purple Heart (Tradescantia Pallida) or Wandering Jew/Wandering Dude is a compact, slowly spreading evergreen perennial that grows to 10 inches tall by about 2 feet wide with succulent, herbaceous purple stems and leaves turn olive green in lower light settings. The new leaves emerge in opposite pairs that are folded upwards.

    In bright light you will see violet-pink flowers though this plant is more for foliage. You will receive a water rooted cutting, 6”+ ready to be planted! Makes a great hanging basket indoors or out.

    Plant in part sun and water regularly to only occasionally - as with many in the genus, these plants are surprisingly drought resistant because of the water stored in their succulent stems.

    You will receive two well rooted cuttings that can continue to grow in water, or be planted in a starter pot with well draining soil.