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  • Polynesian Ivy (Various Sizes)

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    Polynesian Ivy aka Watermelon Begonia is Pellionia Procris Repens

    Polynesian ivy is a slow growing, small houseplant that has interesting foliage that looks like it has a velvety or suede-like texture. A low-growing plant, Polynesian ivy is perfect for growing in hanging baskets and terrariums.

    Polynesian Ivy can grow in low to bright light and appreciates moist soil that doesn’t dry out. A terrarium setup or a spot near a humidifier will make it a very happy plant. 

    Constant moisture is its friend, so be sure it’s in well draining soil that won’t stay too compact. It’s roots are very hair-like, so will struggle to spread with heavy or dry soil.

    Currently offering as a Potted Starter Plant or 2x Rooted Cuttings.