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  • M. Pygmy Rainbowfish

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    Melanotaenia pygmaea Pygmy Rainbowfish

    Rare. Personally Bred. My breeders came from Eric Bodrock which his came from Gary Lange. My tank parameters are around pH 7.4-8+  TDS 300-500+ Temp 72-76 F. I ship on Tuesday this is the best time for them to travel.. Hobbyist Bred.

    Scientific Name: Melanotaenia pygmaea

       Ease of Care: Easy
       Approximate Arrival Size: 1+ inch
       Approximate Full Size: 2 inches
       Native Region: Australia
       Temperament: Peaceful
       Diet: Omnivore

    This Australian native is a small fish, getting to be only about 1.5 inches long and it likes to have high water flow so a strong filter system will go far in making the pygmy rainbow feel at home. The male rainbow will be more colorful than the female, as with most fish.