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  • Arrowhead Syngonium (Various sizes & colors)

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    Arrowhead Syngonium will tolerate low light and helps to clean the air. Easy to grow plant. 

    Potted Starter Plant comes in a 2" pot, planted in Miracle Grow Indoor Potting Mix, containing 3+ leaves.

    Water Rooted Cuttings are available in two varieties. Each contains 3+ Leaves, various nodes and very long roots. Can be planted in your own soil and container, or can be kept in water in a vase, or floated in a freshwater aquarium. 

    White Butterfly - variegated with dark and light green colors, thrives in all lighting conditions.

    Berry Illusion - also has light and dark green, but also includes red veins in most leaves. Must be kept in bright light to maintain red veins. 

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