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  • Chandelier Plant / Mother of Thousands Succulent

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    Kalanchoe Delagoensis / Mother of Millions. A plant of many names and many plantlets!

    These plants begin as tiny plantlets on the leaf tips of their mother plant (pictured). Once large enough, plantlets fall into the soil and root themselves. Who doesn't love a self-propagating plant?! 

    You will receive 3 cuttings from the top/healthiest part of the plant. Pictures of mother plant included. They will ship bare root and be ready to be planted when they arrive to you. 

    Once planted, mist/spray the plant with water for the first week to allow roots to grow. Then you can water the soil as usual. Waiting a week helps prevent rot from forming, by ensuring roots are there to soak up the water. 

    Contact Sara@PlantLadySara.com with any questions!