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  • Brasil Philodendron (Various Sizes & Colors)

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    Variegated hederaceum (Heartleaf) Philodendron Brasil. Beautiful vining plant can be grown on a trellis or in a hanging planter. Resilient, easy to keep houseplant, helps to purify the air inside your home.  So versatile, it even grows well in freshwater aquariums! Two options available:

    Rooted Cuttings - Each includes 2 cuttings with 2+ leaves, 2+ nodes, and 2"+ water grown roots. Ready for planting in your own soil and container, or can continue to grow in water.

    Potted Starter Plant - Each includes 2+ leaves, 2+ nodes, in a 2" pot. Planted in Miracle Grow Indoor Potting Mix. Each showing signs of new growth since being potted. More coming soon!

    All propagated from 10 year old Brasil mother plant (pictured) coloration includes dark green, lime green, with pink showing on newer growth. 

    Contact Sara@PlantLadySara.com with any questions!