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  • Brasil Philodendron (Various Sizes & Colors)

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    Variegated hederaceum (Heartleaf) Philodendron Brasil. Beautiful vining plant can be grown on a trellis or in a hanging planter. Resilient, easy to keep houseplant, helps to purify the air inside your home.  So versatile, it even grows well in freshwater aquariums! Two options available:

    Water Rooted Cuttings - each contains healthy leaves, nodes and roots ready for planting, or continuing to grow in water.

    Potted Starter Plants - comes in either a 2" plastic pot or a recycled glass jar, including 5+ leaves and showing lots of new growth since being potted, after water rooting from cuttings. Planted in a mixture of natural Florida sand & Miracle Grow Indoor Potting Mix.

    All propagated from 10 year old Brasil mother plant (pictured) coloration includes dark green, lime green, with pink showing on newer growth. 

    Contact Sara@PlantLadySara.com with any questions!